10 Must Take Photos: Epcot (Special Offer)

By Adam Hansen on June 11th, 2012   |    Posted in:  News   |    3 Comments

Everybody reading this has their favorite park at Disney to photograph and I bet for many of us it is Epcot. Where else can you photograph an upside down waterfall, monorails, vikings and a torii gate all in one place!

We previously released the 10 Must Take Photo eBooks for the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. Today we are excited to announce that two new books are now available, Future World and World Showcase at Epcot.

If you are familiar with the first two books we released, then you know what these new books will include. We list (in our opinion) the 10 “Must Take” photos in Epcot. Considering that Epcot is huge, we felt it was required to separate Future World and World Showcase into two books. As we were putting the lists together though, we ran into a problem. There was not enough room for all the photos we wanted to include! All that means is we included bonus photos in both books!

Another update we made with these new releases is extra photos at the end of the books. The idea of the book is to show you our photo from each spot to give you inspiration for your own photos. Based on feedback we received from the first two books, we felt it was important to show alternate compositions of some photos. With these two new books, we have included those alternate views at the end of each book. Hopefully, this will give you even more ideas the next time you are in Epcot with your camera.

These are fun to read eBooks and do not get technical with settings or equipment. If you are looking for something advanced that will teach you exactly how to take the photos shown, this is probably not the eBook for you. We are working on more advanced eBooks and tutorials for the future. This is more meant as a reference and includes lots of great photos from one of the great photography spots at Disney.

Each book is available for $5 as an instant download PDF. We are running a special for a limited time, buy both books for $8 (a savings of 20%!)

You will be able to read the book on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Kindle or other mobile device.

Remember, every eBook we sell on Disney Photography Blog comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Limited Time Offer – Just $8.00
Save 20% When Buying Both Books

You can also purchase each eBook separate for $5 each
Future World | World Showcase

P.S. This week we celebrate two year of Disney Photography Blog being online. You can expect more special offers, contests and content throughout the week!



  1. Chris   |   Jun 11, 2012

    This is perfect as we’re planning a family trip to WDW in a little less than two years.

  2. Sharon DeHayes   |   Jun 12, 2012

    Is there a simple way to download and open these ebooks on an iPad, or must we transfer from a PC after downloading the zip file?

    • Adam Hansen   |   Jun 12, 2012

      You will have to transfer from your PC to the iPad. Once you do that, they will appear in your iBooks app.

      Because the file contains two eBooks (PDF’s), they had to be delivered as a zip file.



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