25 Explosive Disney World Fireworks Photos

By Adam Hansen on May 3rd, 2012   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Spotlight   |    12 Comments

Who doesn’t love to shoot some fireworks!

Well, we are not actually shooting off fireworks ourselves but through the magic of photography :-) We thought it would be fun to post 10 firework photos that we have taken at Disney. We soon realized though that 10 photos became 15 and then 20 which finally ended up at 25 Disney Firework Photos.

So sit back and enjoy fireworks like only Disney can do!

…now everybody rush out of the park and push your way onto a bus back to your hotel :-)


  1. Tom Bricker   |   May 3, 2012

    Awesome–I hope you guys continue to do this type of thing. Very inspirational and, best of all, COOL!

  2. Eddie Johnson   |   May 3, 2012

    GREAT pics. Hope I can get some pics that good when we go.

  3. Marc Schwartz   |   May 4, 2012

    Great pictures! Any way to get a general sense of exposure settings and how much, if anything, was done in post-production on these?


    • Adam   |   May 4, 2012

      That is a great idea and something we will cover in a future article.

  4. Jennifer Dillon   |   May 7, 2012

    Fantastic Photo!! I too would like to know the exposure setting to get Photos like this. We are headed to Disney for our first trip for the Fourth of July!! can’t wait!!

    • Adam Hansen   |   May 7, 2012

      I will try to get something on the site soon but don’t think I will cover the settings for each and every photo on this page, that would take awhile :) Most of these shots used an ND filter though which allowed for even longer exposures.

      A lot of that information is covered in the Ebook we published last year, which can be purchased at http://www.disneyphotographyblog.com/disney-ebook/how-to-photograph-fireworks/

  5. Chris   |   May 8, 2012

    Wow great pics. Just visited the magic kingdom last night. I’ve got one question though. What to do with white balance? I ran through almost every setting an couldn’t seem to get the colors on the castle right. Any suggestions?

    • Adam Hansen   |   May 8, 2012

      I know all of us on the blog shoot in RAW which allows you to easily fix the white balance in post. For me personally, I don’t set the white balance in camera but take care of that as the first step in my processing when I edit a photo in Lightroom.

      Do you shoot in RAW format? What software do you use to process your shots?

      • Chris   |   May 8, 2012

        Still new at this. Shooting in jpeg. I have photoshop elements 10 but now I’ll be checking out Lightroom. Thanks

        • Adam   |   May 8, 2012

          You do not have as much flexibility with adjusting the white balance of a jpeg. What camera do you use? Are you able to shoot in RAW or are you limited to just jpeg?



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