Baloo taking over Pop Century

By Larry White on June 27th, 2010   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Spotlight   |    2 Comments

Imagineering the Shot

First, I’d like to thank Cory and Adam for allowing me to be a contributor to I’m excited and humbled by the opportunity to be part of this new site.

My two kids (20&23) are really enjoying dad’s renewed passion for photography and Disney. Specifically, laughing at dad for carrying around a big tripod on family vacations. I’ve lovingly become “tripod man” to them. This shot was taken at the Pop Century Resort. My daughter and I walked around one night after we finished in the parks. The buildings are organized by decades with 4-story high icons of that decade. You will see giant bowling pins, 8-track tapes, Roger Rabbit, computers, yo-yo’s and much more. Kayce and I went to each of the areas and took 3 exposures of each of the icons. All the photos were taken as RAW images.

Magical Post Production

This is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo. HDR is a technique of merging multiple exposures allowing you to be creative in the processing your photos. You can decide if that is good or not. There are some strong opinions on HDR to which I will avoid (chicken) in this post. First, I convert the photos to JPG and then import into Photomatix. Once in Photomatix, you have lots of options on the style of your merged photo. Personally, I tend to lean towards the more realistic look vs the “grunge” option available. Once processed in Photomatix, I save the file as JPG and open it in either CS4 or Canon Digital Photo Professional for some final tweaking, such as sharpness and saturation. For me, the total process can take anywhere from a few twenty or thirty minutes, depending how much tweaking is needed.


Tripods really open up the options, especially at night. Tripods can be a simple and inexpensive as a trash can or any flat surface. Or, they can be a fairly costly investment in the range of $600 for a tripod and head. My tripod set up cost me around $250.

I’ll conclude with a fun experience during a Flickr Photowalk this May. There were six of us with our tripods set up on the bridge between the UK and France Pavilions at EPCOT for Illuminations. It was quite the site. While we were waiting, I overheard the following:

“This must be a good place to watch the fireworks, look at all of those cameras”.

So, if you are willing to take some “teasing”, interesting looks, comments and some questions, grab and tripod and head out to get some shots you might otherwise had to skip.


  1. Scott Smith   |   Jun 27, 2010

    Awesome first posting!!!! Great work on the shot.

  2. Susan   |   Jun 28, 2010

    Awesome shot Larry. Wish I could have walked this with you & Kayce…darned blisters. ;-) I’m looking into a new & lighter tripod for my upcoming trip.



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