Castle Wall Critters

By Cory Disbrow on July 15th, 2013   |    Posted in:  Daily Disney Photo   |    1 Comment

Today’s photo comes from New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.


I had a really fun night this weekend hanging out with some photography friends at the Magic Kingdom. I was feeling a little bit under the weather, but still wanted to have some time to enjoy their company as well as be in the park after dark, which is something I haven’t really had the chance to do lately. So, I brought along just the 5D3 and the Sigma 35 with no tripod and figured that I could probably capture some good stuff without having to bring the whole rig.

This shot was not one I had an idea for, nor is it one that I would have normally thought to get on a night of shooting in the park. Normally, I’m shooting off a tripod at night, and I’m normally also at a very wide focal length. Without those, I was able to get some different angles on the park at night that I normally would not think of. To get this shot, I went into Manual mode and set my shutter speed for 1/30 (to follow the whole 1 over the focal length rule) and my aperture to f/1.4. I then let the camera decide the ISO as the auto ISO function is pretty great there. When it metered, it registered at ISO 2500. Sure, there was a little bit of grain in the photo, but a little bit of noise reduction took care of it, at least from what I can see on my monitors. I love taking lights and turning them into out of focus highlights, so this shot ended up being right up my alley. In post, one of the major things I had to change on this one was the White Balance (making it cooler) and the tint (sliding more towards magenta).

This one was taken with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM lens, both of which are available at Amazon. Thanks for reading!

1 Comment

  1. jon   |   Jul 15, 2013

    Great impromptu shoot. Using what you had on details usually over looked between the hurry and the iconic. Thanks for sharing.



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