Fairytale Garden: So Long Rapunzel, Hello Merida

By Adam Hansen on May 15th, 2012   |    Posted in:  Daily Disney Photo   |    Comments Off

Fairytale Garden at the Magic Kingdom

Merida, the newest Disney princess, has starting meeting guests at the Magic Kingdom in the Fairytale Garden. The meet and greet area has been completely redesigned for the princess from “Brave”. Prior to Merida meeting guests at Fairytale Garden though, it was home to the Rapunzel meet and greet.

Today’s Daily Disney Photo was taken during the time that Rapunzel was meeting guests here. I did not plan on taking this photo at the time. It was a late night of shooting at the Magic Kingdom and I found myself standing outside this area and noticing the cool lights and textures. I setup my tripod and ended up taking three brackets for an HDR, something we talked about yesterday also. It turns out, I was not paying much attention because I should have taken another bracket so that the lanterns hanging above the area were not blown out.

I processed the photo using Photomatix for the HDR portion and Photoshop for the rest. Looking back on the photo now, I wish I had taken more time to compose the shot and shoot all the brackets that would be needed.

Now that Mirida is meeting guests in this area, we will be sure to get some photos soon and post them on the site of the new design.

Technical Settings

Final Thoughts

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