Disney Photography Tour – Boo To You Parade

By Adam Hansen on October 27th, 2011   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Spotlight   |    3 Comments

Disney Photography Tour – Boo to Your Halloween Parade Photos

Halloween is just around the corner and we have been celebrating it all month here on Disney Photography Blog. Today I thought I would be a good idea to showcase photos from the Boo to You Parade performed during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Many feel this is the best parade that Disney offers during the year (myself included). It is not always the easiest parade to photograph though because of how fast the performers are moving.

The photos below were taken during both performances held on September 13th of this year. The first parade I photographed from Frontierland and the second from Main Street.

Now, onto the parade…

Photographing the Headless Horseman at Disney

The anticipation builds as the crowd awaits the arrival of the headless horseman on Main Street USA

Before arriving on Main Street, the headless horseman rides through Frontierland

The headless horseman rides tonight

The headless horseman rides tonight


Alice is greeting guests along the parade route

Some of your favorite Disney characters get into the Halloween spirit


Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Christopher Robin

Wendy and Peter Pan Boo to You Parade

Wendy and Peter Pan

Smee in Boo to You Parade Disney

Smee riding on a pirate ship during the Boo to You Parade

Pirates have entered Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom

Captain Jack Sparrow Boo to You Parade

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without someone dressed as Jack Sparrow

Haunted Mansion Caretaker Boo to You Parade

The caretaker is getting nervous knowing that there are 999 ghosts following him

The Haunted Mansion comes alive during the Boo to You parade

Haunted Mansion ballroom dancers on Main Street

Beware of hitchhiking ghosts

Country Bears enjoying the Boo to You Parade

Country Bears enjoying the Boo to You Parade

It's good to be bad

Halloween rock music from a skeleton band, what could be better?

Dr. Facilier Boo to You Parade

Dr. Facilier is now part of the Boo to You Parade

Dr. Facilier Boo to You Parade

Dr. Facilier having fun during the Boo to You parade

Cruella de Vil and other villains make an appearance

Goofy's Candy Company

What would a halloween parade be without candy?

Goofy ends the Boo to You Parade

Goofy ends the Boo to You Parade

Hope you have enjoyed this photo tour of the Boo to You parade from Walt Disney World.


  1. Jeff Krause   |   Oct 27, 2011

    All great photos. You really managed to get a lot of keepers. Good expressions and compositions are hard to come by on this parade. I need more practice at shooting parades.

    • Adam Hansen   |   Oct 27, 2011

      Thanks Jeff. I was surprised at how many turned out well, especially considering last year I only had about 5 that I was happy with.

  2. Grant   |   Nov 2, 2011

    Is there anyway I could get a copy of the Pooh picture? I love Christopher Robin, Pooh, and Piglet!



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