Festival of Fantasy Parade Photos!

By Cory Disbrow on March 14th, 2014   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Spotlight   |    5 Comments

As some of you may know, the Magic Kingdom debuted a new daytime parade on March 9th. I got the opportunity to check it out yesterday, and of course, take some photos. While I’m not a huge parade person, new things are always nice to see, and this parade is definitely an improvement on what  preceded it. So, here are some photos, all shot with the Sony a7 and the Carl Zeiss 55mm F1.8 lens.














So there you have it! I shot all of the photos between f/1.8 and f/5 depending on how tight the composition was, how far away the subjects were, and how thin I wanted the depth of field to be. Since the parade is at 3pm, it is completely possible to get really fast shutter speeds, and keep the ISO between 100 and 200 the entire time. At this time of the year, the shadows were not a huge problem, but that could change along with the seasons, so I would definitely suggest finding a spot to watch/photograph from where the sun is directly hitting the back of your neck. You may get a sunburn, but you’ll get some great shots!

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  1. Chuck   |   Mar 14, 2014

    I’m so happy to see new content on the blog again and I would love to see more posts like this!!!! You are so lucky to be living the dream of being at Disney all the time and taking amazing photos.

  2. JaneAnn   |   Mar 14, 2014

    Thank You for sharing these pictures. The colors in this parade are fabulous. As always, your photographs are wonderful.

  3. D.hebert   |   Mar 17, 2014

    That Ariel shot is spectacular!

  4. Kaitlyn   |   Mar 20, 2014

    These are glorious! I cannot wait to check out the new parade in May!

    Out of curiosity, what exactly is your job? It seems like you get to experience and photograph everything that happens in Disney and that you really love what you do, which is awesome! Do you work for Disney or just as a blogger? If it is a paid position, how would one acquire a similar job?

    Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful photos!



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