Fountain of IllumiNations

By Adam Hansen on November 29th, 2010   |    Posted in:  Processing   |    4 Comments

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I had the opportunity to be in Orlando two weeks ago for work and made it a point to get some time in at the parks with my camera at night.  One thing I wanted to do was capture Illuminations from a unique angle.  I enjoy all the great shots of fireworks that can be seen on flickr but the ones taken from locations you would not normally expect are my favorites. There are some great recent examples such as:

After viewing a photo posted by Eddy Alvarez on flickr of the Fountain of Nations during Illuminations I decided on what my subject would be.  I knew I would only have one night to try this shot and had to guess on what the best setup would be for my tripod.  After getting some suggestions from Eddy, I decided to setup back near the pin station in the hopes of getting the higher burst behind the fountain.  When I got to the location I ended up keeping my tripod lower than I originally planned which in the end I realized was a mistake, but at the time I had thought the bursts would appear higher than they actually did.

About ten minutes before the show I had setup and took some test shots along with a really long exposure of the area.  Thinking that way I could use a mask in Photoshop to keep the area around the fountain light while adding in my shots of the fireworks.  I ended up using an ND Filter in the hopes of getting lots of bursts to fill up the scene.

In the end I am happy with the results but look forward to trying it again next time.  Below are two of my unedited shots direct from the camera, these are the two shots I used in Photoshop to create the final photo shown above.

So what are some other unique angles we could shoot fireworks at EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom?


  1. Katie Marino   |   Nov 29, 2010

    Great idea for a post and great location! Thanks for the shout out- that was fun to find my photo linked here this morning.

  2. Cory Disbrow   |   Nov 29, 2010

    Love the idea and the shot. Brilliant work!

  3. Alan Rappa   |   Dec 1, 2010

    That really is a unique perspective and a stunning shot. I need to do more ‘out of the box’ thinking when setting up my shots at WDW. I have a hard time though trying not to just get caught up in the moment and shooting from wherever I am standing.

  4. Katie   |   Dec 1, 2010

    It probably that isn’t unique but I always feel like watching/shooting Illuminations from Canada is kind of different because I feel like Im watching the show “from the back”. I usually watch from Italy.



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