Fresh Walt Disney World Photos!

By Cory Disbrow on May 4th, 2012   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Spotlight   |    7 Comments

Hey guys! Big thanks for a big first day back yesterday. I have to echo all of Adam’s words on how excited we are to have the site be fresh and new, with a wonderful new design. Adam really outdid himself with this one.

Speaking of fresh and new, if you haven’t heard by now (and if you follow me on Twitter, how could you not have?), I have moved from New Jersey to sunny central Florida. My beautiful girlfriend Sam and I came down here, and now live 20 minutes from Walt Disney World. We have a great apartment, a brand new kitten, and the most wonderful place on earth to go play at whenever we please! As a local, it is very easy for me to go into the parks and take photographs. This means that we will be able to have lots and lots of fresh content, be able to stay current with what is happening in the parks, and also be able to also bring you all sorts of new projects, whether it be on the site, Instagram, eBooks, apps, podcasts, etc. It really is exciting. So, just to give you an idea of what you can expect, I’ve thrown together a collection of some photographs that I’ve taken since moving here. I hope you enjoy them!

Br'er Rabbit in the Hub

Tigger, is that you?

Take a seat outside the Hollywood Tower Hotel

Nothing quite like a beautiful sunset at World Showcase!

One of the tranquil pathways of Port Orleans French Quarter

A peaceful night in Morocco

No trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without grabbing a shot of Partners!

A Spaceship Earth Abstract

I've thoroughly enjoyed finding new angles on Cinderella Castle lately.

Monorail Orange glides by the beautiful displays of the 2012 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

So, that’s it for now! Hopefully you enjoyed seeing these photos, and I can’t express to all of you how excited I am to bring more great content to you all in the coming months! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see ya real soon!



  1. Christian Lambert   |   May 4, 2012

    First off, congrats on the big move! Secondly, I am utterly stuck in a phase of jealousy at the moment. Haha, Can’t wait to see fresh photos more frequently! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Scott Sanders   |   May 5, 2012

    Welcome to the sunshine state!

  3. WDWPRINCE   |   May 8, 2012

    Congrats on the move! As more people I know or follow move down to Orlando, I am getting more serious about moving myself.
    Curious, are you doing whatever you did for work in New Jersey in Orlando as well? Or did you go for a career change?

    • Cory Disbrow   |   May 8, 2012

      I am not doing what I did when I was in New Jersey. Actually just trying to do whatever I have to to pay the bills. Being closer to Disney was more important than that “real life” stuff :)

      • WDWPRINCE   |   May 9, 2012

        Thanks for the honest answer Cory. I admire that you followed your dream. You should be doing photography if you aren’t already for work. Great site. You have another subscriber :)

  4. Sharon   |   May 8, 2012

    Welcome to Florida. Cannot wait to see more of your photos. =) One of these days I want to start meeting up with Disney Photographers

  5. JR   |   Jun 2, 2012

    What an amazing site! Great job!



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