Be Our Guest Interior

By Cory Disbrow on August 7th, 2014   |    Posted in:  Daily Disney Photo, News   |    1 Comment

Today’s photo shows off the details of the Be Our Guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom.


I love all of the rich details inside Be Our Guest, especially these guys and the fellas holding up the lampposts on the bridge leading to the building. The tired and almost angry look they give is great, especially with the happy Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing overhead. When it came to shooting this, the Sony a7 has a tendency to default to a shutter speed of 1/60 when shooting in Aperture Priority mode. Because of that, when I’m indoors, I’ve been sticking to Manual Mode and setting my shutter to 1/125, adjusting aperture, and letting the camera automatically adjust the ISO. I tend to keep the aperture low, especially with the Zeiss 55mm, since I love the way it renders at f/1.8.

This Be Our Guest image was captured with the Sony a7 and the Zeiss 55mm F1.8 lens, both of which are available at Amazon. Thanks for looking!!

1 Comment

  1. Bill   |   Aug 10, 2014

    My a7 is on order, should have it Monday, Really looking forward to shooting with it, and adapting some legacy glass. I really like the inclusion of the people in the back (castmembers?) It appears they are there waiting to check you in for your seating time.



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