LIVE One More Disney Day Coverage from Disneyland!

By Cory Disbrow on February 28th, 2012   |    Posted in:  Articles   |    6 Comments

Update: 6PM

Halfway through the day! Ryan decided to ride Pirates, and tells me he started to feel a little sleepy. So, if you’re there tonight, might want to avoid any dark rides, unless you want a nap! Sunset is also approaching (as shown in the photos), so the photographers will be out en masse again. Gotta love that golden light!!

Update: 4PM

Almost halfway through the day and the fun and festivities are continuing. Sadly for us photographers, the monorails are not in operation today. But there is still plenty to see and do, like check out one of my favorite areas in the park, the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square!

Update: 1:45PM

Looks like an absolutely gorgeous day at the park. The Photography Gods are being kind to those at Disneyland today, giving nice blue skies with puffy clouds to match! Ryan tells me that he keeps gravitating towards the Hub, and with conditions like that, I really cannot blame him!

Update: 12PM

Ryan says: “It’s noon at the park. Crowds are picking up a bit and the weather is perfect. 1/4 of the day complete!”

Update: 11AM

According to Ryan, crowds are surprisingly light. Also, ABC is filming an episode of their hit show Modern Family in the park today. Ryan claims to have taken photos over by Splash Mountain of Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill. Future Disney Photography Blog post on being a paparazzi at the parks? I think so!!

Update: 9:30AM

Ryan just texted me to tell me he sat down for breakfast, which is awesome because he’s been in the park for nearly 3 hours already, and he’s just sitting down for breakfast! I’m quite jealous of all the folks at the park today, but we hope you’re enjoying our updates, and photos, like this one of the Sailing Ship Columbia sitting in the Rivers of America!




Update: 7:45AM

Here’s a quote from Ryan:

“It’s a beautiful morning in the park. Once we got in not crowded at all. Lots of photographers attacking the hub and castle!”

Certainly what I like to hear! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait to see the shots everyone is taking!

Update: 6:30AM

Disneyland is now open for One More Disney Day! The crowds were pretty wild overnight, but Ryan is in now and has sent these pics!

Hey guys! As many of you know, tomorrow is Leap Day, and that means One More Disney Day at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. Ryan will be at Disneyland tomorrow, and he will be sending me photos live from the park, and I will be posting them right here on this page! So bookmark it now, and make sure to check back at all parts of the day tomorrow for coverage of this exciting day!!


  1. Katie Marino   |   Feb 29, 2012

    Keep the photos coming- it’ll help the rest of us get through the work day!

  2. Jud   |   Feb 29, 2012

    Cory! Gonna be watching your page today- keep it good! And good luck! :)

  3. Jud   |   Feb 29, 2012

    What is Ryan’s hashtag? Too much to keep up with on twitter… :)

    • Cory Disbrow   |   Feb 29, 2012

      You can find Ryan @RyanPastorino!

  4. Unknown   |   Mar 23, 2012

    XD “Hey Y’all Keep up the good work” ;)

  5. Mickey Mouse   |   Mar 23, 2012




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