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By Cory Disbrow on January 11th, 2012   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Tips   |    2 Comments

Hey guys! For today’s post, I’m going to talk a little bit about street photography, and a spot where it can be done in Walt Disney World!

Street photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, especially for people who live in cities. It is a style that really incorporates people, and is very storytelling in nature. That said, I think that a great place this can be put to use is right on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. There are several ways you can take these style of shots. First, you can get up close and shoot tight, like in this shot of the Main Street Philharmonic:

With a shot like this, you have the trombone player watching the other musicians, waiting for his turn to play. And you also have the crowd of Magic Kingdom guests watching and enjoying the great tunes. All in all, several different stories happening that can make for a compelling shot.

Next, we can use the people as a secondary part of the shot to help tell the story, like in this shot:

This shot was taken right at park opening. This shot is pretty clearly a shot of the Main Street Confectionary, but the people play a large part of it. At this time of day, everyone is headed into the park to enjoy a great day. And it shows in this photo, where every single person is facing Cinderella Castle, as opposed to Town Square. This helps tell the story of a morning with lots of excitement and adventure to come. Here’s another:

Now this one isn’t my favorite shot. Not at all. But I think it has a really neat element in it. The sense of motion is really conveyed by all the people that are moving down Main Street. But yet the Emporium sits, just like it does all day. It kind of tells the story of a typical day in the park, with thousands of people moving briskly down the street, but how Main Street stays right where it is, and is always a home base of sorts.

So, there are some cool ways to do some street-style photography in Walt Disney World. Thanks for reading, see ya real soon!!


  1. Scott Thomas Photography   |   Jan 11, 2012

    Most people do not realize all that happens on Main Street USA during the day. Much of it is NOT on the schedules you pick up as you enter Magic Kingdom. Look for Main Street USA characters the Mayor, Suffragette, Fireman, piano player at Casey’s and others. Of course, the Dapper Dans and the Trolley Show occurs. Ask the Cast Member at the Tip Board for times these shows take place as they do have the information.

  2. Rebecca   |   Jan 11, 2012

    Being a grad student I don’t get out to WDW as often as I would like to, but I love reading this site, because y’all give me great ideas to try in my own hometown. Thanks for all the ideas!



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