New Magic Kingdom Tangled Area

By Cory Disbrow on March 14th, 2013   |    Posted in:  Daily Disney Photo, News   |    2 Comments

Today we get to show you something that just recently opened up at the Magic Kingdom, that being the new Tangled area on the west side of Fantasyland.


This new area takes the place of the old Fantasyland Skyway station, which really wasn’t being used for anything anymore. Obviously, the largest part of the new area is the building in the middle, which houses new restrooms that are taking the place of the old and beat up ones near the Peter Pan queue. Rumors on the internet suggest that the area where the old Pan restrooms are will be converted into new, interactive queue space for that ride, which is sorely needed as wait times are always extremely high for it. You can also see Rapunzel’s tower on the left of the frame. Directly underneath that is a nice new waterfall. Magic Kingdom adding all these waterfalls lately is a huge victory in my eyes. This area also now features a very wide walking path right to the entrance of the Haunted Mansion. So, you no longer need to go around Liberty Square’s Yankee Trader building to access the ride. This will clearly improve guest flow, but I do feel that the transition to Haunted Mansion is a little abrupt and kind of takes away from Mansion’s mystique. Lastly, there is a very nice new seating area on the left of this picture. There are lots of tables and chairs, and at every table, there is a “tree stump” which has a small flap with four electrical sockets for charging phones, tablets, even camera batteries! It’s a nice addition in my book, even though it is just seating and restrooms.

For the photo, I wanted to go wide to show the full scene, and I made sure to take advantage of daylight saving time happening this past weekend and getting some delicious morning light for the scene here. I botched the exposure a little bit which caused the foreground to be almost completely in shadow, but I was able to recover quite a bit of it in Camera Raw. I wanted to go further, but I started to see banding on the sidewalk. Banding is pattern noise that just looks really, really bad and not natural at all. Overall, this is basically a documentarian style image and nothing too creative, but I do still enjoy it, and it is nice to have some new things to photograph in the park.

This one was taken with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM, both of which are available on Amazon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Justin Connors   |   Mar 16, 2013

    UGH! this opened right after we left! I would have loved to have shoot some of it. Well something to add to next years list. It looks beautiful!

  2. Ann   |   Mar 16, 2013

    When did this open? We were just there on Monday & Tuesday.



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