One More Meet for December!!

By Cory Disbrow on November 15th, 2010   |    Posted in:  News   |    10 Comments

Hello Readers! For today’s post, I have some very exciting info to share with all of you. As you know by now, we’re having what hopes to be a large meetup in Walt Disney World the week of December 5th-9th. And we’ve planned a whole bunch of events that you can find over on Plancast here and by browsing through this site. But we’ve just gotten confirmation on another event that I think could be more special than any of the others that have already been scheduled. On the same day that we plan on seeing the Candlelight Processional and photographing Illuminations, December 6th, we’re going to add an event in between those two. 3 former Senior Disney Photographers have agreed to have a Q&A session with us! Alain Boniec, Lee McKee, and Bob Desmond all have around 30 years working for the Walt Disney Company in the Photography and Marketing departments. They worked in the department that is now known as Yellow Shoes, and at one point was even ironically known as “Disney Photography Blog”. This event will take place from 6:15-8:15PM in Innoventions West, or as Bob referred to it during our email correspondence, Communicore West. The three of them will be there for a Q&A session, will tell some stories of working for the Disney company, and just talk Disney and Photography with all of us. It should be an absolute blast, and I would really love if we could get a nice crowd for these guys! Hope you all can make it, and if you can, sign up on Plancast here! Thanks for lookin’, and we’ll see ya real soon!!


  1. Tom Bricker   |   Nov 15, 2010

    This is really, really exciting. I’m hoping to break away from the family for this. I really need a “stand-in Tom” or cardboard cut-off of myself to fill my spot with them.

  2. Adam Hansen   |   Nov 15, 2010

    Great job getting this finalized and setup Cory, should be a great evening! Now to just find a way to make sure I am there for this….

  3. Scott Thomas Photography   |   Nov 15, 2010

    Having spent some time with Bob recently, I can confirm there will be some great stories told during this event. If you like Disney history from an insiders prospective, you will love listening to these Disney vets.

  4. Hilary   |   Nov 15, 2010

    Hope we get to hear what they had to say. I’m so sad that all of this goes down before I get to WDW.

  5. Paul Gowder   |   Nov 15, 2010

    Wow this is great! I wasn’t planning on making the meet that day, but now I’m looking at redoing our schedule!

  6. Doug Saletnik   |   Nov 15, 2010

    The best Christmas Gift ever from Cory to all of us! Thanks for coordinating this. I’m going to extend my day and not leave for home until this is over.

  7. Todd Hurley   |   Nov 16, 2010

    I really hate to miss this gathering in December. You guys please leave some shots for me when I head down in January :)

  8. Bob Desmond   |   Nov 21, 2010


    Alain, Lee and I are looking forward to meeting you all at the above event! If I may correct one thing in your paragraph above? Alain, Lee and I are all former Disney SENIOR Photographers. We are not SENIOR DIsney Photographers!!! LOL. Yes, we are older than most of you guys, but we can still walk without a cane or walker :-) See you all the night of December 6th, 6pm ish.

    Bob Desmond

  9. Bob Desmond   |   Nov 23, 2010

    Cory- One more thing I would like to mention to all who plan on attending this get together with Alain, Lee and me. We are going to meet at 6:15pm, Monday Dec 6, and the location is EPCOT Center, Communicore West, NOT Innoventions West! We will be in the same building as the EPCOT Character Connection, in the large hallway by the Character Connection EXIT, at the end nearest to Coco-Cola’s Club Cool. That is where we will meet. It is quiet in there and not usually crowded. Bob Desmond

  10. Kristopher Michael   |   Dec 2, 2010

    Can I request an audio recording of this event with the 3 former photogs?



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