Pathway to Pagoda

By Cory Disbrow on August 8th, 2013   |    Posted in:  Daily Disney Photo   |    2 Comments

Today’s photo comes from Japan in World Showcase at Epcot.


Japan is a rather unique World Showcase pavilion in my opinion, as it is one that actually uses elevation to its advantage. To get up to any of the restaurants, you have to go up a hill or up a set of steps, which I think is pretty cool. Along the hill to get to the Katsura Grill restaurant, if you turn around, you’ll get this view. It is one of those pathways that just screams out, “Use me as a leading line to the Pagoda!” So, I did. At night, the pathway it also lit with some night square lights, which make for some pretty cool starbursts if you shoot at a small aperture like f/11 or f/13. This area of the pavilion has a lot of differences in light though, so a three exposure bracket was necessary. I actually botched the exposures on site, so I didn’t have quite the leverage with the file that I thought I would have, but by using the Merge to 32 bit HDR in Lightroom, there was enough to cover the range of the scene. The sky had a little bit of noise in it, so I went ahead with the adjustment brush and applied some noise reduction to just the sky.

This shot was taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the Rokinon 7.5mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens, both of which can be purchased at Amazon. If you ever shop at Amazon, please click the links here in the article first, as you’ll help support us! Thanks for reading!


  1. Orlanda   |   Aug 8, 2013

    You take the most amazing photos. This is breaktaking…..

    • Orlanda   |   Aug 8, 2013

      i meant BREATHTAKING…..its so breathtaking I forgot how to spell.. ;)



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