Photo Magic 2013 Schedule

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UPDATE 10/16: We have made a few slight changes to the schedule, they are noted below.

We are just 18 days away from Photo Magic 2013 at Walt Disney World, so we figured it was about time that we put some type of schedule together for everyone! The idea behind the event was to create a schedule that would allow for people to come and go as they wish as opposed to a strict schedule that would require people to spend all day with us. With that in mind, the schedule below has a lot of extra time built into it to allow for us to take our time as a group roaming the parks.

Saturday October 19th – Pre-Meetup

UPDATE 10/16: Disney Photography Blog is not putting on the pre-event meetup anymore due to some last minute scheduling conflicts. A forum member has agreed to take over the Trails End reservation from us, we just need to confirm who is going to be there. If you received a notice on Eventbrite to email us a confirmation, please do so ASAP.

5:30 PM - Dinner at Trails End (Fort Wilderness Resort)

7:00 PM - Photograph the monorail resorts and the Wilderness Lodge

9:00 PM - Photograph Wishes from Polynesian or TTC

Sunday October 20th


10:00 AM - We will be at Dinosaur Gertie by 9:45 am and will have name tags to hand out to people. After a little introduction, we will head over to the Great Movie Ride for some dark ride photography! We will then make our way to Star Tours for a group ride.

11:30 AM - Hang out on Hollywood and Sunset to photograph the Citizens of Hollywood during their 11:30 AM set.

1:15 PM – Meet outside Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular for the 1:45pm show

4:00 PM - Mulch, Sweat and Shears performance on the Streets of America

5:00 PM  - Group ride on Toy Story Midway Mania. If you are able to book FastPass+, we encourage you to schedule a time for 5:00 pm so we can all ride together.

6:00 PM - Sunset Photography on Hollywood Blvd and around Echo Lake

8:00 PM - Group ride on Rock n Roller Coaster.

8:30 PM - The park will be closing, but Extra Magic Hours will now start. If you are not a resort guest, you can still stay in the park but will not be able to go on any attractions.

10:30 PM – For those that are still in the park, we will photograph the details of the Tower of Terror queue at night. Extra Magic Hours end at 10:30 pm, so we should be able to get the last ride of the night as a group.

Monday October 21st


* The park will open at 8:00 AM for Extra Magic Hours, this is only open to resort guests.

(UPDATED) 10:00 AM – Meet in the Oasis area just before the bridge. We will walk to Kilimanjaro Safari as a group for a group ride (probably around 10:30 am). After the safari, we will photograph the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

11:00 AM - Make our way over to Asia for a group ride on Expedition Everest

1:00 PM - Meet at Camp Minnie Mickey for the 1:30 showing of Festival of the Lion King

2:30 PM - Group ride on Dinosaur

—– BREAK —–


We will be meeting up that evening at the Magic Kingdom to photograph the parade and fireworks. The Magic Kingdom will be open until 2:00 AM for Extra Magic Hours. Think you can make it all night???

We will end up doing photography as a group that night along with group rides. There is no set schedule yet for after the parade and fireworks, we will plan it as we go and see how big the group is.

(UPDATED) 6:00 PM - Sunset photography at the Magic Kingdom. Let’s plan on meeting on the bridge next to Cinderella Castle that goes into Fantasyland. Keep an eye on Twitter if the location and/or time changes.

(UPDATED) 8:00 PM - Main Street Electrical Parade. We will not be photographing the first parade as a group, but if you won’t be staying for the second parade, you are more than welcome to setup now.

9:00 PM - Wishes! Depending on the size of the group, we will probably pick a few different locations to setup so that all of our tripods are not in once place.

(UPDATED) 10:00 PM - Main Street Electrical Parade. Some of us have reserved a spot using FastPass+ (that spot is now filled), everyone else can find a spot on Main Street as a group.

(NEW) 10:30 PM – Group ride on Space Mountain. If you have FastPass+, book a time for between 10:30 – 11:30pm

Midnight - Extra Magic Hours start

2:00 AM - Park Closes

Tuesday October 22nd


9:00 AM - Park opens for the day. Bonus points if you close the Magic Kingdom at 2:00 AM the night before and are there for the opening show the next morning!

We will not be planning many early morning events due to the previous late night and the fact we will be at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight. During the day we will plan for dark ride photography as a group, the rest of the day leading up to the Halloween party will be unscheduled. Be sure to keep updated on Twitter to see where we are.

(TIME CHANGE) 1:00 PM - Dark Ride Photography, meet outside Pirates for a group discussion and ride, then make our way over to the Haunted Mansion. Depending on the wait times and the size of the group, we could plan on other dark rides in the park (Little Mermaid, Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, etc)

4:00 PM – Guests with a Halloween party ticket can enter the park. If you are already in the park, you can get your bracelet for that nights party, check with guest relations for the exact locations.

Throughout the event, we will be photographing the details throughout the park along with Trick or Treating

7:00 PM - Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starts. Plan on meeting as a group outside Pirates around 7pm, we can do some trick or treating in Adventureland before making our way over to the Haunted Mansion to photograph the ghost on the front lawn.

7:30 PM - Photograph the ghost on the Haunted Mansion lawn

8:15 PM - Boo to You Parade. Depending on the crowd size, we will get a spot in either Frontierland or Main Street, USA

9:30 PM - HalloWishes. We will not be able to have 50 tripods setup in one spot on Main Street, so if you are planning on photographing the show (which I’m sure you are!), then we may need to break into smaller groups and find some other locations.

10:30 PM – Boo to You Parade from Main Street, USA. We will try to get the spot in Town Square facing Cinderella Castle

Midnight - Magic Kingdom closes

Wednesday October 23rd


(UPDATED) 10:00 AM - Meet outside the Camera Shop near Spaceship Earth for a group photo. Depending on the wait time, ride Spaceship Earth for some dark ride photography!

11:00 AM - World Showcase Rope Drop (Mexico)

1:00 PM - Lunch Break. There are group reservations at Via Napoli and Le Cellier

We will spend the afternoon roaming World Showcase to photograph the details, entertainment and enjoy some Food & Wine

(UPDATED) 8:00 PM - Meet at the stage in the Canadian pavilion where Off Kilter performs for the Illuminations dessert party. This will be just after their final performance, so we should have plenty of room for the group to meet. If you have not received your wristband for the party yet, we will hand them out here.

8:30 PM - Illuminations Dessert Party presented by Kingdom Camera Rental. A ticket is required and the event is now sold out. Be sure you arrive on time as we will be giving away some great prizes!

The park closes at 9:00 pm, but will be open until 11:00 PM for Extra Magic Hours. After the dessert party, we will continue photographing Epcot.

11:00 PM - Epcot Closes

Thursday October 24th

8:00 AM – Meet at Polynesian for breakfast at Kona!

The rest of the day is going to be a casual day where we tour the parks as a group. We will start with the Magic Kingdom and see where the day takes us. It might be a good day to bring your camera and one lens. Not only is it easier when going on rides, but it can be fun to limit yourself to a single lens and force you to think outside the box!

Event Registration

Planning on attending? We have put together an event list on Eventbrite for people to register. There is no fee for Photo Magic and registration is not required, it just helps us get an idea of the group size for each day.

Visit our Eventbrite page for a full list of Photo Magic events!

Other Notes

  • We will be planning group photos for each park, exact time is not known yet but will be posted.
  • If you are not planning on wearing a costume to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, then that could be a great night to wear your Photo Magic 2013 t-shirt. We are hoping to do a group photo in the Haunted Mansion (not guaranteed though) and it would be great to have as many people wearing their Haunted Mansion themed shirts for the photo.
  • The schedule is meant to be flexible, we will do our best to keep to it as close as we can, but chances are things will change as the days go on. We will keep our Twitter feed updated all day long and post any last minute changes. We want to be able to change on the fly though if the group is interested in doing something else.
  • Join the discussion! A lot of Photo Magic attendees have started posting in the Disney Photography Blog Forums. Head over and introduce yourself if you haven’t already and join the discussion.
  • Don’t forget extra memory cards and batteries!!! :)

Any questions? Leave a comment below!


  1. Larry White   |   Oct 2, 2013

    Just wondering when the Captain EO Marathon is in the schedule?

    • Adam   |   Oct 2, 2013

      Friday October 25th :)

      • Joanie   |   Oct 2, 2013

        Darn! I’m going to be stuck on It’s a Small World all day and I won’t be able to make that…

    • Katie Marino   |   Oct 2, 2013




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