Pointing and Shooting at the Boardwalk

By Adam Hansen on March 2nd, 2011   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Spotlight   |    4 Comments

We have had many requests for a Point & Shoot area on the site and we definitely want to include one.  Right now the main reason it is missing is because we don’t normally use them when shooting in the parks.  Tonight I decided to go way back to June of 2008 when I took my first trip to WDW in over 10 years. I did not even know much about Walt Disney World until about six months prior when we decided to book a trip.  Then the researching went into overdrive and I got hooked on finding photos on flickr which eventually led to my obsession that I have today :)

For that trip I used a Canon SD870 IS that I bought specifically for the vacation.  I wanted to post some photos that I consider good from that trip to show you don’t need to invest in an expensive dslr in order to get good photos on your vacation.  Now this was the very beginning of my photography journey so there is a lot I would do over at this point.  I am going back to Walt Disney World in May and plan on taking my P&S camera with me with the hopes of recreating some of my favorite photos I have taken with my Nikon D90 – should make for a good comparison.

We will be posting more articles like this in the future – today we start with the Boardwalk

Coming Soon

Soon we will be expanding into a full Point & Shoot section on the site. This was just a simple start but some things you can look for is a comparison of P&S vs DSLR, Camera Recommendations, Shooting Fireworks and Parades with a P&S and much more.

That brings me to the next section – we need your help on this one….

Do you shoot with a Point & Shoot when at Walt Disney World?

We would love to showcase more P&S photos on the site. If you have any you would like to write about be sure to contact us – we are always looking for new contributors!



  1. Nanette   |   Mar 2, 2011

    Even although I’ve recently became some sort of DSLR snob, I’m really pleased that you have posted this article as it creates balance. After all, this site is all about WDW Photography not all about DSLR. I think it is easy for people to be intimidated or feel that their p&s shots should be in a different section. I know that’s how I felt when I only had p&s shots to post. I think those little compacts are better than ever now and really are the gateway to photography. To me, they really hone your composition skills as there isn’t much else to play around with (unlike DSLR where it can get over complicated). Your shots here are a testimony to that, I think each one is composed very well. But with the DSLR, I think the inclination would have been to have focused on the exposure etc, etc. Once a photographer becomes more competent, then sure a DSLR gives you all that creative control. But I would definitely advise any budding photographer to do a small apprenticeship with the p&s first.

    • Adam Hansen   |   Mar 2, 2011

      Great point, thanks Nanette.

      Also we have had a good reaction to this idea today and have lined up two new contributors who will be helping us build this section of the site.

  2. Tom Bricker   |   Mar 6, 2011

    Awesome work, Adam. Proves yet again that the photographer’s eye is far more important than the camera used. I especially like the low-to-the-ground shot.

  3. Dana   |   Mar 11, 2011

    I’ve been to WDW almost 20 times, and I’ve used a point and shoot 90% of the time. I’ve brought my SLR to the parks only twice, and that was when I first recieved it– although I was new to DSLR’s at the time, I got some decent shots– now, 4 years later, and I know what I’m doing with it, I cannot wait to take it back.
    But, with that being said, as long as you know your P&S, and it’s capabilites, you can get some pretty amazing shots with it as well- many people don’t understand that most P&S have simple white balance control, or how to properly use the macro settings to get some artistic shots, or that you can even set the ISO to help you achieve better shots!
    Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what “tool” the photographer uses, it all comes down to knowing how to use it.



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