Selecting the right lens for your camera when visiting a Disney park

By Paul Gowder on January 3rd, 2012   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Tips   |    3 Comments

Most of the time I’m exploring the parks at Walt Disney World, I have my 24-70mm lens attached.  I’ve been trying to use different lenses to force me to see things differently.  On our recent trip I used my 70-200mm more.  It was so much fun I plan to try shooting with it on the next trip even more!

A change in lens not only gives you a different perspective on WDW, but you can use the benefits of that particular lens to create unique images.  In my portrait photography I use the 70-200mm often.  Being familiar with the image characteristics of that lens, I attempted to use them to my advantage.   Below is an example.

First let’s look at an image photographed by Matt Pasant of the Partners Statue.

Matt used a wide angle lens (21mm) on this image.  The wider lens allowed him to get close to Walt and Mickey and still include the entire statue.  The entire Castle can be seen in the background.

By selecting a longer lens you are able to photograph the same scene with a completely different look.

On this image the lens was at 195mm.  I had to move much further away than Matt would have been.  The different camera position and perspective of the lens creates a compression effect on the background.  The Castle in this image appears much closer and larger than with the wide angle lens.

Remember on your next trip to try a different lens during your park touring.

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  1. Keith Burrows   |   Jan 3, 2012

    My last couple of shoots at Disney I’ve used a super wide Canon 10-22mm lens. With the large crowds at Disney, the wide angle allows me to get up lose as well as not get so many people in the shot. I’ve shot on extremely crowded days & people say it looks like the park is empty .
    You can heck out some of my stuff at.

  2. Ryan Pastorino   |   Jan 4, 2012

    Telephoto compression always makes for unique photo opportunities at Disney parks. I’ve spent a lot of time at both MK and DLR with my 100-400mm lens.

    It’s often hard to commit to a lens for certain shots. Knowing your equipment and the characteristics of the results they produce is key to choosing the right one.

    Great article!

  3. Orlando Attractions   |   Jan 4, 2012

    Wow, you really know your stuff. The end result is amazing!



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