2012 “Must Read” Disney Photography Articles

By Adam Hansen on December 30th, 2012   |    Posted in:  Special Coverage   |    3 Comments

We are looking forward to 2013 here at Disney Photography Blog and have a lot of big things to announce soon. Before we jump ahead though, we want to take a quick look back at 2012 and share some of our “Must Read” Disney Photography Articles with you.

Straight and Level

A great tutorial from Ryan showing you how to use Photoshop to make sure your photos are straight and level. This is a definite “Must Read” and includes some great screenshots to walk you through the entire process.

Remember the Basics of Photography – Part 1: Light

The first in a great series from Todd Hurley. It does not matter if you are a beginner or have been shooting for years, it is always important to go back and review the basics that we all seem to forget at times.

5 Tips For Photographing A Disney Sunrise

Tom Bricker shares some great tips for photographing a sunrise at Disney. This article was originally in preparation for the One More Disney Day promotion, but can be used anytime the parks open early enough to give you a shot at some sunrise photography.

5 Tips for Photography at Crowded Parks

While we all love being in the parks when the crowds are low, that is not always possible. Between the summer crowds and the busy days around the holidays, there is a good chance that your trip will include some crowded parks. Ryan tells you to not let that stop you from photographing them though and shares some tips that will help you next time you are stuck in a crowded park with your camera.

Disney in Black and White

Cory shares some great Disney photos that were processed as Black & White.

25 Explosive Disney World Fireworks Photos

One of our most popular articles from 2012, we shared 25 of our favorite Disney fireworks photos with you in one post. Everybody loves fireworks at Disney!

IllumiNations: Filling the Sky with Fireworks in Black & White

Another fireworks post, but this one is a tutorial on how to process a photo from IllumiNations in Black & White. You probably wouldn’t think to turn a fireworks photo full of color into a Black & White photo, but this article might make you think about trying it yourself.

20 Pictures from Past Star Wars Weekends

We provided live coverage of Star Wars Weekend this past year, but before that we were able to share 20 photos from Scott Smith that showcased the event from previous years. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you need to check out these amazing photos!

Over 20 pictures of the Partners statue at Walt Disney World

It does not matter how many times you have photographed it before, every photographer stops to photograph the Partners statue when visiting the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. This post shows off 20 of our favorite photos of the great Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue.

Video: Evening at the Kingdom – A Grand Circle Tour!

Cory created an amazing video at the Magic Kingdom that makes you wish you were walking down Main Street yourself after viewing it. If you didn’t see this video when we first posted it, then you must make sure to check it out now!

Guidelines For Visiting And Photographing The Disneyland Paris Resort – Part 1

We were lucky to have William McIntosh contribute an excellent series of articles to the blog this year on Disneyland Paris. The entire series is worth reading if you haven’t already, so why not start with Part 1.

Looking ahead to 2013

2012 was a great year for the blog but we also had some downtime that we were not expecting. We have big things planned for 2013 and hope you will continue to check out the site and hopefully take part in some of our upcoming projects.

We already hinted at one on Twitter and Facebook about getting together in October at Walt Disney World. While nothing is finalized yet, we hope to be able to announce something very soon so that people who want to join us can make plans to do so.

Another change to expect is bigger photos here on the blog. We know that monitors are only getting bigger and Internet speeds faster, so we are looking forward to releasing an update to the site very soon that will allow us to post photos at a much larger size for you to view.

We have some great new contributors lined up to help out with the site that we think our readers will enjoy along with some new features and contests that we are excited to get going.

A New Disney Photo Every Day!

Finally, you may have noticed on Twitter & Facebook that we released our new 2013 Walt Disney World Photo a Day app for the iPhone & iPad. This new app delivers a brand new photos from WDW every single day to your device that you can share and save as your own wallpaper.

The app is currently on sale for just 99 cents (for a limited time) and will include a brand new photo every day! Photos are optimized for the iPad Retina Display, iPhone 5 and all previous versions of the iPhone.

We have a Disneyland version ready to go and hope to have it available to download in the next week!

Download now and get a full year of photos for just 99 cents!


  1. Cory Disbrow   |   Dec 31, 2012

    Great job with this, Adam. Even with some downtime, we had a great year here on the site, and I foresee it only getting better! Bring on 2013!

  2. Julie   |   Jan 13, 2013

    When will disneyland 2013 photo app be available??? Thanks!

    • Adam Hansen   |   Jan 14, 2013

      We hope within the next week. The app is completed, just waiting on approval by Apple to put it in the app store.



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