Drawing the Eye

By Cory Disbrow on September 27th, 2011   |    Posted in:  Composition   |    1 Comment

Hello readers! We would like to thank you for an amazing first day with our new app, Disney Photo A Day! Again and again, you guys prove to us that we truly do have the best fanbase in the world! For today’s article, I wanted to share a quick compositional technique, using part of the Tower of Terror queue as my example.

This spot is one corner away from where you turn to enter the Hollywood Tower Hotel. For this composition, I technically broke a “rule”. That rule is the Rule of Thirds, which basically explains that you shouldn’t compose an image with the subject dead center. I try my best to adhere to this rule, as it really does help me creatively compose, but for this one, I had to bend the rules ever so slightly. I saw this window, and the first thing I thought was how much it resembles the shattering window seen in the Twilight Zone montage and during one of the ride scenes. And then I saw how the window kind of looked like a pinhole, using the lines of the building to draw in the eye. I threw on my Ultra Wide Angle lens, letting other guests past me, and fired off this shot. The distortion from the UWA actually even helps the pinhole feel, and makes it more dramatic in my opinion. Then, in post processing, I added a little bit of vignetting to darken the edges and bring out the window, thus enhancing that pulling feeling a little more.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little rule breaking session, and that you always try thinking out of the box while shooting, whether it be in a Disney Park or just in your everyday life. Thanks for reading, see ya real soon!!

1 Comment

  1. Dream Disney Vacations   |   Sep 27, 2011

    I can totally feel the pull! This photo reminded me of early art classes and drawing perspective. Love this photo. :)




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