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More tips on taking family photos at Disney

By Paul Gowder on August 16th, 2010   |    Posted in:  Disney Photo Tips   |    2 Comments

Imagineering the Shot

Walt Disney World provides hundreds of scenes that draw photographers like us to them. The details in the building, trees, rides, and shows give us a palette of endless photographic possibilities. Most of us are not, however, fortunate enough to travel to WDW just to photograph the World. We are usually there with our family. As my wife reminds me almost daily, our upcoming trip is not a photography expedition, but a family vacation. So remember to shoot the family too!

Below are a few tips to help include your family in your WDW photography.

1) When photographing your children, get down on their level.

By getting the lens down level with their eyes you are photographing them at a direct angle, the same way you photograph other adults.  Shooting down on a child creates a perspective that is not that flattering or interesting.  This is especially important for some character meet and greets.  Several characters will kneel down to interact with your child.  Get down on your knees as well to shoot the scene.

2) Turn the camera around!

Make sure to include yourself in some photos.  Personally, I have to be very conscious of this one or I’ll end up with only 2 shots out of 500 with me!

I have a few suggestions to help you include yourself in more photographs from WDW.  First, just turn the camera around!  We have an entire collection of self portrait shots!

You can also pass the camera around to other family members.  I know, I know, they think shutter speed is how fast they open the blinds in the morning.  Just set it to Program Mode or dial in the settings for them, and allow them to take the shot.

Use the Disney PhotoPass services!  It is free to use their service (you have to pay for prints), and they will shoot with your camera.  You can even setup portrait sessions with the PhotoPass photographers at several Disney World Resorts.  Other Cast Members will also be glad to take a photograph for you, just ask!

3) Don’t forget to capture shots that tell the story of your trip.

Shoot the family in front of the sign of MVMCP.  Make sure the capture your child on their favorite ride.  Take a photo of your favorite meal.  Think like a photojournalist, and when you come home you’ll have a series of photos you can use creatively to illustrate your trip in an album, slideshow, or video.


Walt Disney World was built as a place for families to enjoy together.  In your hectic dash from Illuminations to Wishes, remember to capture a few shots of the family!

Not all of these shots are going to make it to the front page of Flickr or be matted into a 16×20 frame.  But your children are only young once, and it is up to us a photographers to capture as much of this magic time as possible!  Capturing the joy in your child’s face will create images you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

First trip on Monorail


  1. Lisa   |   Aug 17, 2010

    I love these tips! Though I wish I were more of an artistic photographer, I really just like getting pictures of my family enjoying the Disney parks. The same ol’ poses definitely get old and start to blend together year after year, so keep these tips coming!!



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